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We’ll help you navigate the growing world of cloud solutions, where you can find Enterprise quality business solutions without Enterprise quality requirements. With cloud based alternatives for everything from unified CRM solutions to email hosting to Project Management, grow your business, your ROI, and function faster and more efficiently through the Cloud.

Never be out of date and get those new features faster with subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, which keep your team on the latest version without having to purchase additional licenses. Cloud solutions are also considered more secure than most in-house solutions.

Even more exciting, Cloud solutions are changing the way we work together, enabling real time collaboration, whether you are in the same room, or on a different continent. Forget having to email yourself customer information or work on outdated versions of a document, Cloud solutions allow you access and update important data wherever you are.



Online collaboration software is revolutionizing how we work. Connect with your team from anywhere in the world, at any time, creating a seamless working environment. Start saving on travel and accommodation costs and get the access to experts and information when you need it.

Team Communication

Effective communication is paramount to the success of any business. Team Communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack facilitate personal and group communication. Hold one-to-one or inline group chats easily, in real time, and with added advantage of having a written history of your communication.

Form Solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions often fail to provide the depth and flexibility individual organizations need to support their business. This is where Scout Technology Guides can help. Keep all your project information together, saving you time, money and hassle.

Cloud Storage / Data

Outsourcing your data storage to an expert data storage company provides increased data redundancy and lowers cost, while letting you access your data from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Office 365

With Office 365, Microsoft bundled its most valuable enterprise applications, like Sharepoint and Exchange, into a cloud offering and made it accessible to small businesses. Flexible and scalable, it is also safe from harm should anything happen at your office.

Case Study

Elim Village is a unique Christian retirement community based in Surrey and Chilliwack, BC. with a vision for keeping families together as care needs evolve. Elim Village has been blessed with significant growth over the years and has built a 25 acre campus of complete care in Surrey and is developing a second 8.6 acre site in Chilliwack.


As with most rapid growth companies, their systems became siloed as each department worked to meet its own needs and collaboration became increasingly difficult. While they had debated moving to a new file sharing system for years, the addition of the second site in Chilliwack and the second residential care building in Surrey was the breaking point. They needed a better way to collaborate and share data between departments and sites.


Scout championed a SharePoint online solution, working with a few select department heads to define a SharePoint site that would make collaborating on documents far simpler. The accompanying user based permissions and access also ensured that the data would remain secure.
While still a work in progress, Elim’s SharePoint Site continues to grow and incorporate new departments and sites, ensuring everyone is working with the latest information and supporting a more flexible working environment. We continue to consult and advise where necessary, providing Elim Village with the support and customer service its staff needs to be successful.

Going away are the days where it takes multiple steps and logins to access information or wait your turn to work on a document. Office 365, and particularly SharePoint and OneNote, are removing unnecessary restrictions and lengthy delays so that information is quickly accessible, shared, stored and easily worked on in real-time with colleagues from various locations.

Sheldon Loeppky, Manager of Business Operations