Mobile Systems

Custom Remote Technology


Work where you are with remote technology, be that in the field or your cabin on the lake. Mobile technologies allow you to access and update your data on the go and in the field, so you can respond faster and be more efficient, helping you deliver exceptional customer service.

Whether you have remote workers, people in the field, or people who travel a lot, we’ll help your team access and update your data securely wherever they are through enterprise VPN, locked down password management and on the go network security.

We will assess your needs and devise a MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that will integrate best with mobile-friendly cloud-based system of choice, whether that is a Paperless Solution for on site documentation or accessing up to date client data. And don’t worry about security—we’ve still got you covered even when you’re on the move. Our technology allows us to monitor and track your mobile devices, helping you to recover them in the event of theft or loss.


Paperless Solutions

Save time and the environment with Paperless solutions for everything from Health & Safety documentation to application forms. Real time updates mean you are always prepared.

Mobile Device Management

Leverage the power of mobile technology and streamline your services and process by using mobile document management software. Boost the quality and speed of your customer service. No more “I’ll send it to you when I’m back at the office.”

Secure Remote Access

Your network security is only as strong as the people and hardware that are accessing it. Protect your data with secure remote access.

Case Study

Based in Langley, BC, Trans Western Electric is a construction electrical contractor – they supply and install traffic light systems throughout BC.


With the majority of their staff in the field and more than their fair share of paperwork, including critical health and safety documentation, employees were spending hours filling in and then submitting forms from the field, resulting in missing and backlogged information. Onsite team-members also needed to come into the office to submit paperwork and gather construction-relevant information for their teams. Trans-Western asked us to help them evaluate mobile solutions to provide site drawings and other construction-relevant information to their teams in the field.


After reviewing assorted Paperless Solutions with Trans Western, they decided on using SiteDocs in conjunction with iPads. We set up MDM on their iPads, installed SiteDocs and locked down access, customizing it to their recommendations. Now onsite techs can submit their Health and Safety forms from the field, share progress updates and they always have the most up to date information on their sites, saving them hours every week.

Employing this solution with Scout was seamless and the benefits of the solution have been even greater than we anticipated.

Jesse Johnstone, Safety Manager / Co-Owner