Is your technology too complicated?

Computer systems and communication networks are all about simplifying work flow. They should allow you to do your work more efficiently and share it seamlessly. Technology should enable, not hinder.

Is your information technology simplifying your life or making it more complicated?

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Our older computers aren’t
working well with the newer ones.

Mismatched systems can be complicated; aging hardware, different software platforms don’t make for simplicity. Our guides can act as infrastructural integrators.

Upgrade Data

We’re afraid of data loss
and don’t have a plan.

Protecting your information from malware or recovering from some type of disaster requires bulletproof backup. Our guides will become your data bodyguards.

Secure Info

Our people need to standardize paperwork when they’re in the field.

Today’s “office” can be anywhere, and your employees need secure access to important information wherever they work. Our guides can bring mobility to your office and life.

Mobile Data

We’re running out of data storage and
have problems accessing files remotely.

At a certain point businesses should begin relying on outsourced solutions like data storage and operating systems. Our guides can help you pilot safely through the cloud.

Cloud Clarity

We’re missing messages and can’t
access data properly out of the office.

Landlines, smart phones and data networks all need to work together seamlessly. Our guides can help you make the right call on making your system communicate.

Call Forward


Is your network sluggish? Problems moving work along? Unsure what to do?
Let us have a look around and see how we can increase your work flow.




We’re here to guide you through the unknown, explore new territory, translate tech-speak, protect your business and help you arrive at your business goals with ease.
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    Telecom Sales Manager

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    Systems Administrator

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    Project Coordinator

  • Brian Garcia

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    Senior Care Solutions Manager

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    Field Support Technician

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    Recruitment Manager

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    Support Coordinator, NOC



I am so pleased with the service I am getting from Scout. It is a breath of fresh air to know that now someone is monitoring our systems 24/7 and that we can rest easy knowing you are taking good care of us.

Susan Tonn

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Vancouver

When during a storm a tree fell through our building, the Scout staff set us up in record time, great job! We have enjoyed good personal relations with the team. The biggest benefits of using Scout is that they are knowledgable, make good informed suggestions and give quality advice.

Faye Nowak

UA Local 170

Scout understood what we needed, took charge, and got the job done with minimal disruption. They worked very well with our internal support staff and users. We were very pleased with the entire installation process.

Joe Wurz

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.

The knowledgeable and professional approach of the techs and now having them “in-house” for support has made our IT tasks and projects more manageable. Being able to delegate the larger IT tasks and projects that I am not able to fit into my schedule or don’t have the expertise to do is a great help.

Brandon Drewlo

Novacom Construction

The Right Fit