Internet Security

Data Protection & User Training

Don’t leave your data at the mercy of hardware or human error.

Data protection is paramount in today’s connected workplace. We’ll help design a primary data protection solution to keep your data safe, along with a comprehensive data recovery plan, should your business be attacked by Ransomware or struck by a disaster. Get up and running faster.

Our multi-layered security stack, including anti-virus, network and email filtering, along with up to date patching of security vulnerabilities, proactive network security improvements and user training and awareness, will keep your network data secure.

But Data Protection is more than just network security and backups. We’ll help you ensure that your data is being stored and accessed securely, whether your team is working from the office or the local coffee shop. This includes helping build out customized file permissions, establishing data handling best practices and secure remote access.

Our comprehensive training programs will also keep your staff on their toes. There’s no substitute for real-world experience when it comes to training, so with that in mind, we developed a plan to educate our clients’ staff of the dangers of phishing emails.


Effective Back-ups

Whether a server room floods or someone deletes an important file, regular back ups ensure that you can get back to work faster. Our monitoring also ensures that the backups will be working when you need them.

SaaS Application Management

How many websites are your staff currently using to store client or corporate data? What is the cumulative cost of all the subscriptions? Are you taking advantage of the integrations between them? Our regular review cycle helps monitor, manage and vet the Saas based web apps that your business runs on.

Network Security

Anti-virus alone is no longer enough to protect your network. Our multiple layers of network security, along with ongoing monitoring, will help you rest easy. And if your network is compromised, we can isolate the threat and get you back and up and running faster.

Password Management

With data breaches the new normal, re-using passwords for multiple accounts is a huge security risk. Keep your personal and business accounts secure with a password manager.

User Training

Your network is only as secure as the people who use it. Our Security Awareness training, along with establishing security best practices, trains your team to function as your very own human firewall.

Case Study

West Creek Farms provides soil and media mixes for professional greenhouse and nurseries in the BC and Washington State areas.


Prior to the addition of our internet security layer, one of West Creek Farm’s employees was browsing work related websites when they were exposed to a hijacked infected banner on one of the pages. This silently downloaded a Cryptolocker virus to their local workstation, which then spread to their Fileserver network drives.
Shortly afterwards, we received a call from another team member who was unable to access an Excel spreadsheet stored on the File Server. The Cryptolocker had encrypted the entire file system.


After identifying, wiping and restoring the workstation that the Cryptolocker originated from, we completely restored the server from a back up taken earlier that morning. The client was not required to pay the Ransom and were back up and running within 3 hours.

The importance to West Creek of having secure access to our records can not be overemphasized, Scout’s value is much appreciated and was reinforced through the handling of this situation.

Frederick Munn, General Manager