Infrastructure Design & Maintenance

Network Architecture & Disaster Recovery Planning


Excellent network architecture should be invisible. This is the level of service that Scout Technology Guides strives to achieve for every client. Our design, implementation, and continuing support services are of the highest quality and the network security architecture will have your back 24/7.

With today’s technology, there’s no need to accept substandard services, devices unable to connect to your network or slow or problematic connections. We specialize in integrating legacy systems with mixed technologies or installing brand new networks that work for you.

In both scenarios, we provide detailed documentation ensuring that you retain control of your IT, without the hassle of maintaining it. And our detailed knowledge of the design, along with ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your servers and workstations, allows us to make real-time assessments, repairs, and recommendations to keep your systems protected and working.

We’ll also help design Disaster Recovery plans and Business Continuity systems so you will be prepared for any eventuality, whether your server room floods or you get hit with Ransomware. We take a proactive approach by designing failover servers and building off-site backups (a server running in parallel), which ensure it’s business as usual in the event of downtime.


Internet Bonding/ Wireless Implementation

If your internet is down, so are you. We’ll implement a robust wired and wireless solution so that you have internet access when and where you need it.

Site to Site Synchronisation

Stay on the same page, even though you work at a different site. Site to Site synchronisation ensures that everyone is working with the same information, whatever the time zone.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Don’t let a disaster at your office be a disaster for your clients. Be prepared for any eventuality, so you get up and running faster. Quarterly testing ensures it will work when it needs to.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of servers and workstation means that we can resolve potential issues before they become problems. Don’t wait until something breaks to fix it.

Infrastructure Life Cycle Planning

Troubleshooting aging or under-powered infrastructure wastes time better spent on growing your business. We’ll ensure that you have the hardware your team needs to do their job well, including long range hardware replacement planning so you know what to expect.

Case Study

Excell Battery designs and manufactures custom battery packs for high tech and oil and gas sectors. Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Excell Battery also has branch offices in Calgary, Mississauga, Ontario, and Houston, TX.


Their previous infrastructure had dated physical servers that struggled to synchronise data between the sites and they had no Disaster Recovery (DR) plan should their head office go down. Each office required solutions that offered part-local and part-collaborative access to its data.


The network architecture design for Excell Battery achieved two key objectives: file synchronization between all sites, and a physical to virtual server migration which allowed for a disaster recovery failover solution. The latter achieved by utilizing a server hosted in their Calgary location that would pick up seamlessly from the Surrey head office should the worst-case scenario strike and the office fall victim to a local disaster.
To this day, our ongoing support manages and monitors this complex environment for the client, with no need for internal technical expertise at Excell Battery. As part of our maintenance, we test the failover server every quarter.

The solution that has been implemented by Scout has significantly alleviated our concern about being compromised in a disaster and has given us a robust solution for interbranch file synchronization, providing us with real time communication capability.

Randy Peters,
General Manager