Voice Solutions

Unified Communication Systems


Years of Telecom experience combined with up to date VOIP (Voice over Internet) expertise, means we can support your Voice needs, whether you are looking to move to a scalable VOIP solution customized for your needs, or maintain your existing phone systems.

Traditional phone systems can be cumbersome to administer and upgrade, but with a Business VOIP solution like 3CX, we can help you build a communication system that grows with your company. Do you have multiple sites? People who regularly work from home or away from their desk? Or are the communication needs of your Business rapidly evolving? Future-proof your phone system with Business VOIP.

Don’t miss out on important communication, just because you are away from your desk or working from home. Integrated with both a soft client and a desk phone, Business VOIP ensures that you are accessible anywhere you have a computer (or a mobile phone!) and an internet connection.


SIP Trunking

With incoming phone lines no longer dependent on copper or analog lines, Business VOIP enables you to have local DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers anywhere you want a presence, meaning no more long distance between branches and one phone bill for all your sites.

Conferencing Solutions

Need a robust, user friendly conferencing solution for both internal and external communication? We can customize it so that fits your needs. It even dials the participants for you! Or if you prefer seeing who you are talking to, we’ll find the best Video Conferencing option for your needs.

Unified Communications

More than just phone calls, Business VOIP unifies all your communication needs with chat, voice and IM (Instant Messaging) functionality, along with presence visibility, helping you unlock the power of human collaboration.

Soft Client

Make desk phones optional with a soft client. All you need is headset, computer, internet and you are set.

Windows Server Based

As 3CX is a Windows based system, it can even utilize existing IT infrastructure, making it a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional phone system.

Case Study

Based in Langley, British Columbia, Bevo Farms is a wholesale plant nursery providing greenhouses, field farms, nurseries, and wholesalers across the continent with healthy, vigorous, pest-and-disease-free seedlings.


The company required a complex integration that linked its phone system with the sensors and alarm systems for the three greenhouses, so that they could respond to changes in the greenhouse environment as they happened. Their old phone system had an inherent risk of failure, no voicemail to email capability, and wasn’t great quality.


This forward-thinking organization saw no point in like-for-like replacements, preferring to invest in the future immediately with a system that can expand and grow with them. We integrated a 3CX phone system on their existing infrastructure, including establishing a failover 3CX server at another site in case of disaster. We delivered on every client request, including updating a paper fax system to a paperless electronic equivalent.

The 3CX system has been a wonderful improvement. It is a flexible, user-friendly system that has met all of our complex needs, and has expansion capabilities to meet our future needs as well.

John Hoekstra, CFO