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Have you heard about the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Grant?  I’ve seen my fair share of spam about it; however, I hadn’t seen the value for us (or our clients) until I learned about Jelly Marketing’s CDAP assessment which was a great fit for us!

Fast forward only a few weeks from my initial interest in the program, we just completed our assessment with Jelly and are now working in conjunction with them on a joint Marketing & Cyber Hygiene CDAP Assessment!


  • $15,000 grant to develop a Digital Adoption Plan (our marketing and cyber assessments qualify)
  • $7,300 wage subsidy (hire a talented youth from across more than 122 post-secondary institutions and receive personalized assistance with hiring the right talent for your business)
  • Up to $100,000 interest-free loan

Fun facts about CDAP:

  • Takes less than 30 minutes to apply.
  • All you need to qualify is at least $500,000 in gross revenue in one of the last three years and less than 500 employees.
  • You can get approved immediately!

How Jelly is helping Canadian companies with the program:

Scout is taking this opportunity to introduce our new cyber hygiene assessment which is 90% covered by this grant. We have applied our purpose of Simplifying Lives and incorporated the complex cyber security safeguards into simple and relatable personal vs. cyber hygiene categories. Check out these examples:

  • Junk Food and Phishing Emails (careful what you consume!)
  • Toothbrushes and Passwords (would you share yours?)
  • Protective Gear and Multifactor Authentication (helmet anyone?)
  • Physical Exercise and Security Practices (we all know we need to exercise!)

Our hygiene categories are layered on top of the Center for Internet Security’s ‘Essentials’ of their cyber security framework. As we have journeyed through our own CIS assessment recently, we have learned firsthand that assessments are truly the only comprehensive way to answer the question, “how secure are we?” As a result, we’re excited to bring that experience to you in this easy to understand and comprehensive way.

CDAP Application:

Need support with the application? Jelly’s friend, Keenan, made a video about how to apply!

What is the time commitment for your team?

  1. Kick Off Call – 1 Hour (maximum): We have a kick off call with your team to learn your goals for the business and your current cyber security stance. We will send you an online form where you take your first pass at answering what you can.
  2. Information Gathering – 1-2 Hour (maximum): We will review your form submission and talk through the remaining questions.
  3. Audit and Strategy Presentation – 2 Hours (maximum): We present the full audit with recommendations and roadmap for how to utilize the BDC loan and Wage Subsidies.

If you are interested, please reach out to us and we can set up a call to discuss how CDAP can benefit your business.

Or feel free to setup a call directly with Matt here:

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