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Digital Transformation Talent, A Case of Demand Exceeding Supply

Scout Team

According to Bloomberg, the demand for software talent is increasing rapidly in Canada. As of 2017, Toronto was the fastest-growing market for tech-jobs in the world, creating more jobs than San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington. Increasingly competitive packages are being offered to software engineers in the current market, which has had a negative effect on […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital technology is radically changing the power balance between customers and companies. Customers gain the power of information and choice: digital technology dramatically improves the economics of the business. There are four actionable rules and principles that can help managers and leaders to transform their business. The first rule is to deliver effective, easy and […]

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3CX Platinum Status

3CX Logo

We’re excited to announce that Scout Tech Guides has just received platinum status (the highest level possible) with 3CX – our go-to VoIP phone system partner. The benefits of achieving a Platinum level partnership, such as Scout has achieved, include access to better technical tools, more favourable listings, multiple licenses and other technological tools ensure […]

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How are you doing with your new years resolutions?

Multiple monitors with code on the screens and a pair of glasses in the forefront

Most New Years resolutions are rooted in the desire to make constructive changes that deliver some benefit. However, as many of us know, New Year’s resolutions rarely make it past February.  To help keep you focused on creating a beneficial change, Scout has compiled a list of four things that you and your organization can […]

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Tech Guide Spotlight: Dayne Cody

Tech Guide Spotlight: Dayne Cody What is greatness made of? At Scout, we believe that our people are the backbone of our identity and our expertise. Scout is taking steps to demystify IT and reveal the people that make us who we are. As each Scout employee celebrates a work anniversary at Scout, we want […]

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Cloud-Based Services for your Business

Cloud Services Revolutionize How we Work Cloud-based systems are revolutionizing how we work together. From CRM solutions to email hosting to project management platforms, cloud-based alternatives allow you to grow your business, function faster and more effectively, and increase your ROI. Cloud-based systems are also not tethered to a location and therefore are free from […]

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6 Reasons Your Business Should Go Paperless

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Paperless Do you have team member working remotely in the field? How about from a cabin at the lake? Whether you have remote workers, people in the field or executives who travel a lot, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution will integrate with the cloud-based system of choice. […]

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Matt Dryfhout, CEO and Founder of Scout: “Are we there yet?”

“Are we there yet?” If this question came, not from a child in the back seat, but an employee across the conference room table. How would you answer it? Since starting Scout, I’ve tirelessly pondered what our end game should be.  We just crossed 15 years this month and I believe we have recently gained […]

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2018 Sleep Out Success

Sleep Out Update Last night was my fourth annual night on the street charity fundraiser event.  Unlike the last two years, when we experienced a taste of very sleepless, albeit still supervised, street life on the Downtown East Side, this year, we partnered with the Joseph Richard Group (JRG) and their second annual Sleep Out […]

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Welcome to Windows as a Service

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft drastically changed the way that they deployed and serviced Windows. Traditionally, Microsoft released new versions of Windows every few years with mainstream support for five years. The downsides of this approach are that not only were useful feature improvements delayed – which could be painful when faced with […]

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